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AIDS is the leading cause of death among African American and Hispanic women ages 25-44 in the US. African American and Hispanic women accounted for 76% of new AIDS cases among women reported in 1996 in the US. Women are one of the fastest growing groups of new AIDS cases, accounting for 20% of newly reported cases in the US and 42% of new cases worldwide. In clinical research on potential treatments, only 12% of research participants are female. Women are 33% more likely to die than men because treatment begins so much later, if at all.
  1. HCV & Women - several key reports - (03/10/15)
  2. CROI: HIV Infection and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Women - (03/26/14)
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  51. The rate of mother-to-child HIV transmission among infants is 23 times higher for blacks than whites, the CDC reported. - (02/05/10)
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